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AUSTRIA  -   GERMAN-AUSTRIA Medal medal to celebrate the coronation of Empress Mar..
65,00€ Ex Tax: 52,42€
BELGIUM Medal made on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of D.J. Mercier, in m..
60,00€ Ex Tax: 48,39€
FINLAND Medal for Humanitarian Aid during the winter war 1939-40 and world war II, issued in 1947..
65,00€ Ex Tax: 52,42€
FINLAND Commemorative bronze plaque for the XV Olympiad held in Helsinki in 1952. XV OLYMPIA, ..
150,00€ Ex Tax: 120,97€
FRANCE 1901 - Medal plaque made on the occasion of Pierre Eugène Marcellin Berthelot's..
120,00€ Ex Tax: 96,77€
FRANCE 1954 - Medal to honor French engineer Marc Merlin. Obv.  MARC MERLIN, facing...
40,00€ Ex Tax: 32,26€
FRANCE (ca. 1930) - Medal to honor French physician and scienist Fernand Widal.. Fernand Widal..
70,00€ Ex Tax: 56,45€
FRANCE Uniface (probably copy), reverse only of a 1665 medal of  Louis XIV for the guar..
75,00€ Ex Tax: 60,48€
FRANCE Uniface (probably copy), reverse only of a 1680 medal of  Louis XIV for the cons..
75,00€ Ex Tax: 60,48€
FRANCE Uniface (probably copy), reverse only of a 1692  Naval Reward medal of  Louis XI..
75,00€ Ex Tax: 60,48€
GERMANY Medal for the  25  years  of  the  Cologne  Cathedral Ob..
285,00€ Ex Tax: 229,84€
GERMANY Silver medal to commemorate Munich as an Olympic City, for the  1972  Oymp..
140,00€ Ex Tax: 112,90€
GERMANY - KRETA - 1941 INVASION OF CRETE 1941, Meissen Porcelain Table Medal in white clay for th..
400,00€ Ex Tax: 322,58€
GREAT  BRITAIN  -  GREECE Medal to celebrate the marriage of the Duke Of Kent and ..
320,00€ Ex Tax: 258,06€
GREECE  -  IONIAN  ISLANDS Medal 1817, to commemorate constitution granted to the ..
350,00€ Ex Tax: 282,26€
GREECE  -  ANDREAS  MIAOULIS  (ADMIRAL) Bronze medal from the historical seri..
550,00€ Ex Tax: 443,55€