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BULGARIA. Order of St.Alexander - officer 4th classer with crown (King Ferdinand issue) in &nbs..
250,00€ Ex Tax: 201,61€
ETHIOPIA 1941, Star of Victory Medal. ..
75,00€ Ex Tax: 60,48€
EUROPE Medals Bar with commemorative and household royalty medals from Great Britain,Denmark, Gre..
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FRANCE - COLONIAL Order of the Black Star - Officer in excellent condition. The order was inst..
175,00€ Ex Tax: 141,13€
FRANCE Medal for Voluntary Service 1940-1945. The medal was instituted in 1946 for those servi..
85,00€ Ex Tax: 68,55€
FRANCE - FRENCH ACADEMY Order of the Academic Palms (1866-1955) - Officer of the Academy. Wron..
75,00€ Ex Tax: 60,48€
ITALY - Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus. Vittorio Emanuele III, 1929. Awarding document of Of..
90,00€ Ex Tax: 72,58€
ORDER OF MALTA Knight of Honour and Devotion, neck badge in silver-gilt and enamels, in its E.Gar..
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ROMANIA Commemorative Medal for the second Balkan War  1913. ..
75,00€ Ex Tax: 60,48€
RUSSIA Order of Glory,  Star  3rd  class. ..
130,00€ Ex Tax: 104,84€
SPAIN - Order of Isabella the Catholic (Spanish - Orden de Isabel la Católica). Star of Grand..
650,00€ Ex Tax: 524,19€
SWEDEN Order of Vasa - Knight`s Cross 1st Class. Knight`s Cross 1st Class, breast badge, gold ..
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KOREA - Korean War Service medal 1950. Awarded by Korea to the troops of countries that took part..
20,00€ Ex Tax: 16,13€