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The company is a family owned business which deals with the trading of collectors' coins, banknotes, orders, medals and other collectible historical items. 


It was founded in 1979 by George Sarantakis and from 1996 until today it is operated by his son Kostas Sarantakis. 


The interest of George Sarantakis in numismatics begun in the late 1960s  and continued more systematically in the 1970s through the bookstore of Liosion Street (for the very old collectors). His love for numismatics led him in 1979 to open the first coin store in Greece at Adrianou Street in Monastiraki where again he was first to expand in the fields of banknotes, orders, medals and other historical collectors objects. In order to further spread the hobby, along with other collectors and stakeholders of the time, founded the P.N.E. (Panhellenic Numismatic Union) which until today is a meeting point for collectors and dealers. In 1990 the store was moved to the place that operates until today at 15 Anthimou Gazi Street, next to the old Parliament Building in the center of Athens. 


Guided by the consistent and sincere treatment of collectors and colleagues, we continue to offer our services and try to promote the hobby we all love.